Long time I on’t put something in here. 

what do we have today …. 9/11
It’s sad, but … there is something that realy bothers me
that phrase “Never forget”, well here is the thing;

I know that is realy hard to but, they need to forget
I know that they try to remember those who died and sufered but
beneath it, there’s someting, there is someone to blame for it all
and that takes us to something, hate.

There are something that not every one should remember, 
those who had loved ones on those towers and in those planes should remember, all of the rest 
are, for me, hypocrites.

Why?, they only think about the death of those people, and, if that is the point of all the bullshit of this day, why don’t they stop the wars? why don’t they stop sending millions to die for their “country”? why are they taking something that hurt so many and making it into an excuse to bring war upon those who they blame and hurting millions?

Someone that has lost someone does not want someone else to die for it, they would want that lost one back. It just doesn’t make sense to me.

I’ve seen so much from humans in so little time and still can’t belive there is more in this world than hate, madness and power. I realy hope that one day I can see everything burn, end, maybe then all the madness will be gone. Maybe that could be the perfect world. No one to live in it.